Wrap-up of FOC:LA’s Lawson’s Event

Dear Friend-

"Best part was the incredibly CURATED group of young Angelenos who really look like our town. You are helping us to make civic connections.”

"I thought it was fabulous...a home run. What was said about the collection of diverse influencers was completely true."

"It is well overdue for me personally to consider some of the topics that were brought up this evening.I’m inspired to DO SOMETHING.”

These are just a few of the reactions we heard after the gathering at the Lawson's.  We hope you felt the same. We want to genuinely thank you for joining us, and for your enthusiasm. Creating that room was half the battle…but the event was just a beginning!  As Xavier Gutierrez, of Clearlake Capital Group, said, we are trying to build a new LA at this critical moment that is inclusive, innovative and engaged. 

For a start you are now on our mailing list, and will begin to hear from us regularly including our newsletters, our Mix LAinterview series, and more!  We also encourage every one of you to sign up for our committees. 


Imagine taking an evening like we had, writ large, on a scale that really gets people’s attention. We want creative and programmatic input for the event, as well as help identifying potential sponsors.  If the evening at the Lawson’s was any measure of what this group might accomplish, we know the event at LACMA will serve as an even greater catalyst for change.  (More information on this coming under separate cover.)

LA History Project

Last year, we released an important study with the USC/Huntington Center in California and the West called Space toLead: A Century of Civic Leadership in Los Angeles which is a fascinating look at 100 years in our city. With the LA History Project we are looking to continue our work in this arena on multiple platforms, from tours and fun facts, to academic inquiry and social media campaigns.  

LA Non-Profit Directory

Help us create a one-of-a-kind resource for Los Angeles; a user-friendly guide to local non-profits categorized by issues and goals. We’d also like to plan a creative presentation of this material, both online and a printed version.

Please let us know if there are any people who immediately jump to mind who we (or you!) might reach out to in order to support this effort. We are fortunate that veteran strategist Susan Pollack has joined our team and will be helping me follow up. For those of you who could not join us, we will be in touch with you as well.  Again, many,many thanks.  We look forward to seeing you very soon!  And please check out our website www.futurecitiesla.orgto catch up on our past activities and interviews. 

Here’s to an even greater LA!